Male Grooming Brand Launches Innovative Product


A Male Grooming brand conducted Intensive research and introduced a new product into the market to further enhance their already strong position while also taking advantage of the festive season. Introduction of this new line of product displayed the innovation and creativity implemented by the brand which helps ease the user experience.


The Grooming brand wished to create engagement awareness about their new & innovative product. The main objectives were as follows:

  • Generate conversations and reviews about the product
  • Capture the experiences and reactions towards the new product via blogs and tweets
  • Drive twitter engagement and leverage crowdsourced content creation around the theme of the larger and a more general objective of the campaign


  • Creator Approach:

    Creators from the following domains were recruited:

    • Technology
    • Lifestyle: Both Men & Women
    • Automobile
    • Design Enthusiasts
    • Entertainment
  • Engagement Approach:

    A mixed approach instead of a 100% review was adopted to reach a larger audience allowing the brand to achieve a more natural and subtle promotion.
    Creators were provided with exclusive personalized samples of the new product and were asked to follow the following approaches along with the #BrandHashtag.

    • Reviewing the product. Talking about the features they like from design and usage perspective. Sharing pictures highlighting the relevant features and continuing conversations on the same. They were asked to share their experience of using the product from a subjective POV.
    • Humourous creators shared witty talking points describing the product features.
    • Male creators spoke on what they like about the product, are they inspired to use it, will they change their current product after using the brands product; the female creators shared why this would be an ideal gift for the men in their lives, ‘Why does your man need this?’ taking advantage of the festive scene during the campaign.
    • Design enthusiasts highlighted the design and appeal of the product.
    • Automobile enthusiasts shared views on the similarities the product possessed with supercars.


  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Vine
  • Blog


  • 65 seeded creators
  • 205 posts
  • 705 interactions
  • 7.8M+ potential Impressions

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