Male Grooming Showcases Its Innovation at an EDM event


A Grooming brand collaborated with a well known EDM festival with a well known DJ set to perform in many cities all across India. Taking advantage of the buzz around the event the brand wanted to showcase their innovation at this event.


The brand wished  to create awareness about their product with the offline EDM event. The main objectives were as follows:

  • Subtly create a buzz about the product into the market to further enhance their already strong position.
  • Establish themselves as a cool and fun loving brand among the youth.
  • Drive twitter engagement and leverage crowdsourced content creation towards innovative tech used by the brand for the activity and generate wider interests.


  • Creator Approach:

    Keeping the EDM culture and brand’s positioning in mind, creators with the following personalities were recruited:

    • Music Buffs
    • Party animals
    • Peppy, fun loving.
  • Engagement Approach: 
    • The brand decided to give out free passes to the recruited creators to attend the event and carry forward the activity as follows:
    • The creators attended the event and were asked to live tweet pictures from the event.
    • Each creator was then asked to post as follows:
      • Talk about the innovative and cool activity planned by the brand.
      • To talk about the event while thanking the brand
    • Two creators were selected by the brand to meet the DJ playing at the EDM event and share their POV on the same.
    • Creators were provided with exclusive passes of the EDM event and were asked  to follow the above approaches along with the #BrandHashtag hashtag over a period of the event.
    • A mixed approach with a few influencers bringing along their friends for the activity allowed the campaign to have a more natural and subtle feel.


  • Twitter
  • Instagram


  • 31 seeded creators
  • 88 posts
  • 259 interactions
  • 1M+ potential Impressions

Key Learnings:

  • What worked:

    • The innovative activity planned at the event attracted a wide range of people to the activity.
    • Selection of creators highly relatable to the brand image and inline with the EDM festival hit the right note with the twitter crowd.
  • What could be better:

    • Internet connectivity issues resulted in a delayed output for the activity. This could be avoided if WiFi or hotspot provisions were readily available.

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