Noodle Play goes 29th or Free

Noodle Play


Noodle play, the internet restaurant came up with a scheme of “29 or free”. In february since there was no 29th that year, noodle play decided free meals would be gifted to people. To gift a NoodlePlay meal one simply needed to tweet tagging a friend they wish to give a free meal and sharing why (s)he deserved this meal. The top 100 quirky messages would get to gift these meals.


Through this campaign Noodle play aimed to get discovered in their service areas viz. Bandra & Khar in Mumbai.


  • Creator Approach:

    6 seeded creators from diverse backgrounds (all who had friends in Bandra/Khar area) resonating with the brand’s image were recruited for the activity as follows:

    • Homemakers
    • Young professionals
    • Movie buffs
  • Engagement Approach:

    Each influencer was asked to nominate 5 friends, in Bandra/Khar to receive free meals. The idea here was to get the nominated people to go ahead and nominate forward and start a chain reaction.


  • Twitter



  • 25+ seeded creators
  • ~300 interactions
  • ~0.5M potential impressions

Key Learnings:

  • The activity fared well on networking websites and it also managed to get 100+ meals to be delivered. Moreover, the activity created traction for sales the next day for noodle play. Creating content by giving incentives worked well for noodle play to create an awareness about their presence.

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