Tata Capital’s Shandaar Shaadi

Tata Capital


TATA Capital announced the launch of the ‘Har Shaadi Hai Shaandaar’ initiative in association with Dharma Production’s latest upcoming movie ‘Shaandaar’. The brand wished to target the current wedding market and encourage individuals looking to avail wedding loans.


Tata Capital wanted to create awareness about their wedding loan product by promoting the Shandaar initiative. The association with the movie Shandaar which was generating a lot of buzz, the brand aimed to take advantage of the scenario and promoted ‘meet the Shandaar movie stars’ while subtly showcasing the Wedding loans available during the wedding season for the marriage hopefuls from TATA Capital.


  • Creator Approach:

    Evangelists with the following profiles were onboarded:

    • Lifestyle.
    • Entertainment.
  • Engagement Approach:

    Evangelists were asked to share posts & engage in conversations themed around the following topics:

    • Creators were asked to share their idea of Shandaar Shaadi or how is #HarShaadiShandaar
    • Talk about their dream wedding. How would they make it a ‘Shandaar Shaadi’
    • Share their favourite shaadi experience viz. a ‘Shandaar Shaadi’ they attended.
    • The brand handle was actively listening to the conversations and periodically responding to the tweets from the creators in a conversational tone, thereby subtly maintaining the pre-established association with this activity.


  • Twitter



  • 30 seeded creators
  • 175 interactions
  • 3.5M+ potential impressions

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