How Tata Capital Became a #OneStopCarShop

TATA Capital


TATA Capital’s new car platform allows a wide range of users to achieve their dream of buying a car. The platform provides unique and easy to understand features such as:

  • Flexi EMI options- allowing users to calculate their EMI eligibility
  • Apply online for a car loan for both New & Used Cars
  • Browse through numerous cars (new/used) and their EMIs- Allowing users to pick and choose based on their EMI eligibilty.

These features provide a refreshing experience to the car buying audience and hence formed the basis for achieving the goal of estblishing the brand’s position in the market.


TATA capital launched a new #OneStopCarShop platform which provides information on car loans that TATA capital provides. The brand aimed to establish the new car platform which lets users choose and buy cars by checking their EMI capabilities and which car would suite them the best in that EMI. The main objective was to establish the positioning of a new platform in an already dynamic and crowded market.


  • Creator Approach:

    Influencers from the following domains were recruited:

    • Lifestyle creators.
    • Automobile and car aficionados and enthusiasts, motorsport fans,
    • Business, Personal finance
    • Cross domain influencers to reach consumer segments such as entertainment, fashion, beauty, Internet, sports, food and beverages etc.
  • Engagement Approach:

    Creators were asked to respond to one or more of the following:

    • Share their thoughts on the cars they would buy within their EMI budgets as seen on the portal,hence,  bringing out the key feature of the platform
    • Share a POV on their favorite features of the platform from those that the brand wished to highlight.
    • The topics and themes spoken on were inline with the creator’s content theme. They were encouraged to blend the message in a way true to their personality type. This ensure authenticity and hence, higher engagement amongst the creators and their audience.


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  • 31 seeded creators
  • 69 posts
  • 991 interactions
  • 4.5 M+ potential impressions

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