Home Appliance Brand Celebrates Women Who Resume Careers After A Sabbatical


A Home appliance brand launched a new television commerical themed on celebrating ‘Women resuming their careers after a maternal sabbatical’. The film begins with a man waking up to an alarm clock. He wakes up his young daughter and son to remind them about the special day i.e. when their mother is about to rejoin her career. The family along with animated appliances get together to help the mother make a successful start.

The brand is endorsing its support of women who resume their careers after such sabbaticals and hopes to establish an emotional connect with the relevant target group.


The brand aspired to be related with the core theme of the film ‘Behind every successful woman there is a family’, while it re-established it’s pedigree of being a part of Indian families for generations. Brand wanted to increase awareness about their electrical appliances by making creators generate engagement about this new TVC. The objective of engaging creators was to get people share their stories in line with the TVC.


  • Creator Approach:

    23 creators were recruited from the following personalities:

    • Working women (Mothers/wives)
    • Men who support the idea of women working.
  • Engagement Approach:

    Creators were requested to respond to the following question via tweets:

    • What were their thoughts on the video?
    • How have they overcome such obstacles during their career?
    • What role have they played in the process of helping their wives/mother for their a career?
    • Sharing thoughts on what role have the appliances played in their lives.


  • Twitter


  • 23 seeded creators
  • 47 posts
  • 147 interactions
  • 600 K+ potential impressions

Key Learnings:

  • What worked:

    The creator profiles selected for the activity were perfectly suited for the brand image and allowed the TVC to reach the brand’s target while also engaging other audience.

  • What could be better:

    Tagging the brand handle along with the customized brand TVC link slightly took away organic feel of the activity. Leaving out either of the two could have further enhanced the reach of the activity.

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